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Film Festival of Canadian films in Hungary


As part of the Canadian-Hungarian artists’ exhibition in Hungary in the summer of 2009, a number of films made by Canadian artists of Hungarian origin are being shown in Hungary from July 3-13.


To see the Program, which was put together by Canadian film-maker, Tamas Wormser,

click here.


For background information (in English), click here.




Film Festival image

Tenderly Yours / Tenderly Yours (10 mins, 2005) Inspired by the French New Wave, a short film in a net art narrative about love, loss and memory. Peter Horvath








An image of the movie GreyfoxGrey Fox - Philip Borsos’ enigmatic first feature that instantly made him a celebrated filmmaker. I was mesmerized by his sensitivity and creativity, as he revived and renewed the Western genre.








Native AmericanThis is a Photograph - Born and educated in Hungary, Albert Kish immigrated to Canada in 1956. After working as a photographer and freelance filmmaker, he spent three years at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation as a senior editor. In 1967, he joined the National Film Board (Montreal) for a long and distinguished career. He has directed and edited over 30 films, winning numerous awards, amongst them the Canadian Film Award (1971) for This is a Photograph. After retiring in 1997, Kish travelled extensively in Asia and Europe. He now resides in Toronto and his photographs are available through the Stephen Bulger Gallery.


July 3rd, 2009



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