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Diefenbunker screens Freedom’s Fury March 16th 2010




Cold War Cinema graphicDiefenbunker, Canada’s Cold War Museum, is screening the hugely successful feature-length documentary Freedom’s Fury, directed by Canadian brother-sister team of Colin Gray and Meagan Reaney. This historical film produced in 2006 in time for the 50th anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution, had its gala premiere at the National Gallery of Canada in September 2006 - organized by the Canada-Hungary Educational Foundation as one of its major educational activities in commemoration of the Hungarian refugee movement to Canada in 1956-57. See our webpage for more information about the gala and the film.

The Diefenbunker runs Cold War Cinema: a once monthly movie night with a Cold War theme. On March 16th 2010 Freedom’s Fury, often dubbed the "Blood in the Water" water polo match between Hungary and the USSR, will be shown at 7pm. The screening is preceded by a tour of the museum/bunker at 6pm. Seats should be reserved for this event. Organizers hope that many people will come out to see this excellent program.



See the poster for more information and visit the website of the museum here.


March 5th 2010







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